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Subject: DMSO for tissue culture use

A>adding retinoids to cultured cells.  Lately
A>we have been noticing that the DMSO alone has been having a toxic effect
A>on the cells.  Should we be using a special grade of DMSO (we have been
A>using ACS grade from BDH)?  Any other suggestions to avoid cytotoxicity would
A>be appreciated.  Thanks.

I routinely use the purest grade of DMSO I can get from Pierce.  Other
people in the lab use Fluka.  However, one thing that I DO catch people
doing is sticking plastic pipets directly into the DMSO bottle!!!  Not
in mine.  I routinely pour off into a separate glass tube what I need,
and only use glass pipets to measure and transfer.  The DMSO can attack
the polystyrene that the usual pipets are made out of.  I'm not sure how
long polyprop. tubes can have the DMSO in them before something leaches
into the solution.

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