Why 70% EtOH for cleaning?

David Aldridge ALDRIDGE_D at WEHIU.wehi.edu.au
Sun Jun 4 23:32:57 EST 1995

Brick Ayola <abrick at mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu> wrote:
> On 1 Jun 1995 mdcabl at cc.newcastle.edu.au wrote:
> > I have a very general question.  I was told that 70% EtOH is more effective
> > than 95% EtOH for sterlizing and cleaning surfaces...
> The bactericidal effects of EtOH result from rapid coagulation of 
> protein. 70% EtOH reduces the surface tension of bacterial cells  better 
> than absolute....

95% EtOH is also far less forgiving if you get it too close to 
your bunsen burner when swabbing down a hood :-) 

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