Cosmid purification

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> Hi netters,
> I'm having a hard time purifying a cosmid clone.  
> I understand that handling cosmids could be sometimes tough.  I always
> streak clonies one day before purification, then Terrific Broth was
> used for bacterial propagation.  I've got a small amount of cosmid with
> Qiagen only once out of six trials:  Usually, I didn't get any. 
> (Miniprep seems to work, but yield is terribly low.)
> I would greatly appreciate if anyone can give suggestions.
> Mari Shinohara
> Dartmouth Medical School

I found that the method you use for your cosmid miniprep can affect your
yield.  Using the Merlin (diatomaceous earth) or LiCl methods gives low
yield, while using a standard alkaline lysis miniprep protocol gives
better yields (in my hands).  Try different miniprep protocols until you
find one that works.

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