Does DraI cut ssDNA?

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> On Wed, 31 May 1995, John Dixon wrote:
> > Can anyone tell me if single stranded DNA can be cut by DraI?

I just tried this myself and I didn't work appreciably...

> Sorry, don't know about DraI. MnlI is an enzyme which cuts 3' of its
> recognition sequence and ssDNA with 50 percent activity. This is litsted
> in the new NEB catalog on page 212.

Mnl1 recognizes 5' ...CCTC NNNNNNN    NNNNN... 3'
                3' ...GGAG NNNNNN    NNNNNN... 5'

on double stranded DNA. So on ssDNA it presumably cuts:

5' ...CCTC NNNNNNN     NNN...3'

but will it also cut at 

5' ...NNNNNN   NNNNNN GAGG... 3'  (ie the recognition site on the lower
strand    o                               of the double stranded sequence
depicted above)?

Anybody know?

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