cDNA-synthesis Kits

Hiranya Roychowdhury hroychow at NMSU.EDU
Wed Jun 7 12:48:52 EST 1995

On 7 Jun 1995, Artur da Camara Machado wrote:

>               What is the best Kit available for 
>               synthesising  cDNA for cloning?
>               (fast, full-length etc)
>                                                         Thanks Georg Seifert
There is no kit that is BEST for cDNA cloning. As far as I could tell 
from the experiences of a number of my colleagues, the success of the 
kits depend on the system on which they are used. For example, one of my 
friends could never get a perticular kit to work on the poly(A+) of an 
ascomycete, while another used the same kit and constructed a good 
library from Brassica napus flowers. A better result was obtained by this 
same friend when he used a kit from another supplier (I think it was 
Amersham; usual disclaimer). I have never used a kit just for the fear of 
not being able to get the proper library.

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