Alternatives for EtBr staining of DNA

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Thu Jun 8 04:51:04 EST 1995

H.J. Sluiman (mbhsl at wrote:
: An alternative to EtBr that I have come across very recently is SYBR Green I. You
: still need UV but its sensitivity is reportedly considerably better than EtBr
: (50-100 times greater for detecting oligonucleotides). No data is available
: concerning the mutagenicity and toxicity but even if it should be treated with
: the same care as EtBr, the actual hazards should be less since the staining solutions

FMC now also distributes SYBR I (for dsDNA) and SYBR II (for ssDNA nad RNA).

UK: Flowgen Instruments, Ltd; ph. 44 1795 42 97 37
US: FMC BioProducts; ph. 207-594-3495

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