Cloning vector with 'lethal' gene?

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> In article <v01510100abf87c7d5936@[]>, lodhi at CSHL.ORG (Muhammad Lodhi) says:
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> >Could someone give me the info on the commercial source of a newly
> >introduced cloning vector that has a 'lethal' gene on the cloning site.  I
> >heard that in this cloning system only the cells with the cloned fragments
> >can grow that way all the background is clear.  Any help will be highly
> >appreciated
> >

If you can check "Cloning vectors" (Pouwels, Enger-Valk and Brammar, 
Elsevier publisher), there is a whole chapter dedicated to direct selection 

Many genes are used in those systems. Actally, I have been using a vector 
harboring the rpsL gene of E. coli and the selection was really clean.

Most of the vectors described should be got from the labs which made them.
If you are interested, I may mail you some addresses and/or references.


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