Cloning vector with 'lethal' gene?

John Walker u2528082 at
Tue Jun 6 23:07:01 EST 1995

In article <v01510100abf87c7d5936@[]>, lodhi at CSHL.ORG (Muhammad Lodhi) writes:
> Could someone give me the info on the commercial source of a newly
> introduced cloning vector that has a 'lethal' gene on the cloning site.  I
> heard that in this cloning system only the cells with the cloned fragments
> can grow that way all the background is clear.  Any help will be highly
> appreciated
> Muhammad A. Lodhi
> Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Muhammad- Invitrogen sell a kit containing such a lethal vector, so that all
recombinants are viable, and all nonrecombinant plasmids express a lethal gene.
The lethal gene is under the control of the lac promoter-plate transformants
on IPTG-
Regards Johnhelp

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