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Mic Chaudoir mic at nwu.edu
Fri Jun 9 12:14:40 EST 1995

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> We are planning on buying a Windows-based DNA/protein sequence analysis
> package.  So far, I have seen demo versions of Lasergene (formerly DNAstar),
> and DNAsis 2.0 from Hitachi.  Does anybody know of any other Windows-based
> packages?  Needs to be user-friendly for non computer types (not me, my
> colleagues ;->   ).  Shareware programs would also be valuable, as long as
> they are easy and menu driven.  I'll summarize the results.
> Thanks much,
> Paul Kaytes
> pskaytes at intnet.upj.com

Get lasergene for windows, if you can't/won't get the mac version.  It's
the best around.

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