Help! Quantification of total RNA, equal loading

Aron B. Jaffe jaffe at
Fri Jun 9 11:40:33 EST 1995

crasmussen at (Colin Rasmussen) wrote:
> In article <3r7b1n$rpr at>, ljohnson at (Lois
> Johnson) wrote:
> > Just a question... Can you strip RNA off a blot when you strip off the 
> > first probe?
> > 
> > 
> > Lois Johnson
> > ljohnson at
> You tend to lose a little, but we have re-probed blots more than 5 times
> and not had any problems with significant loss.
> Colin

The amount of RNA that strips off the blot depends on the material
that you blot on... nitrocellulose seems to be the worst when trying
to rehybridize a blot after stripping the probe.  Our lab uses
Nylon and it works well for several hybridiziations.


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