How to store RNA??

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. However, since RNA (or DNA) is susceptible to shearing in this 
> form. one has to be careful about the storage place, so that the tube is 
> not handled too much unnecessarily by other people in the lab.

Hiranya:  I think we have had this discussion before. I am not sure that
you  are correct that  DNA and RNA are susceptible to shearing under these
conditions.  First, it depends upon the type of DNA you are talking
about.  Standard Plasmid DNA, you know the kind with only a few KB's of
insert, really don't shear as salt/etoh ppt's and RNA's are generally
tight little balls unless you go to great legnths to denature them and
therefore also don't shear, even with vortexing.  Genomic DNA's or really
big linear DNA's, on the other hand, shear very readily and have to be
handled carefully.  If you have information to the contrary, I would
appreciate a reference.



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