Change in Mol. wt.

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>Subject: Change in Mol. wt.
>Date: 9 Jun 1995 15:23:12 GMT
>Hi all,
>I recently recovered a fragment from an agarose gel by a freeze squeeze
>method and re-ran a small amount on an acrylamide gel to check what I had
>got back. The band in the agarose gel according to a 1kb ladder marker was
>about 750-800bp.  The recovered fragment in the 5% acrylamide gel
>according to the same markers appeared to be just greater then 1kb!
>Any suggestions as to what is going on?
>Anyone seen this in their gels?

Yep! it has happened to me also, I was using Pharmacia's band prep and my 
fragments size increased, thought due to be an error since these bands have 
cohesive ends, but the same never happened when using Quiaex II protocol, could 
also be due to the short UV exposure instead of long UV. Pls let me also know if 
you happened to find a solution.


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