How to store RNA??

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Mon Jun 12 06:47:47 EST 1995

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>> I have generated some RNA by in vitro transcription and would like to
>> store it for later use.  I have heard that multiple freeze-thaw cycles
>> breaks down RNA very this true and how do I get around
>> it?
>> Thanks!
>> -Chris
>After taking the OD, you can store your RNA under ethanol at a 
>concentration you like, and then take out as much as you need 
>for each experiment (being sure to mix well by vortexing).  You
>have to go through the joy of pelleting and resuspending each
>aliquot, but the RNA is stable this way for a long time.

I store my RNA in 100% formamide (FORMAZOL-MRC) at -20C. I have some RNA
samples that are about 2 years old; ran a gel last week and the RNA still
looks good.

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