Molecular Biological Calculations Book?

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Mon Jun 12 04:40:44 EST 1995

In article <3rgd0l$on3 at lace.Colorado.EDU> aplummer at (AL R. PLUMMER) writes:
>   Does anyone know of a source book of molecular biological calculations
>   similar to BIOCHEMICAL CALCULATIONS by Segel?  I have a nephew attending
>   Emory University taking biology courses and he has expressed an 
>   interest in such a reference.  I think it would also be a nice addition
>   to a library.  Any help would be appreciated,

I don't know that book, so I can't give a direct comparison. My favourite,
probably long out of print, is "Biochemical Reasoning" by D.Kerridge
and K.F.Tipton, W.A. Benjamin Inc, Menlo Park, California 1972.
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