phage display of receptor domains

Daniel Kim dkim at
Mon Jun 12 13:37:58 EST 1995

In article <arampers-100695083147 at> arampers at (Arfaan Rampersaud) writes:
>We are trying to use phage dislay to display portions of a receptor protein
>for ligand binding studies .  I would like to display as much of my protein
>as possible and was wondering wheter there would be a problem with trying
>to display more than 100 aa? If so why? Is there a good vector for this

The phage display is typically used to make combinatorial libraries of random 
peptides, but large proteins can be displayed as well.  Gene III fusions have been 
done using proteins of as much as 45 kDa (Maybe more).  

Daniel Kim
(I haven't done it myself, yet.)

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