ethidium staining of RNA gels

Keith G. Weinstock kgweinst at
Mon Jun 12 12:55:33 EST 1995

We have had several discussions in our laboratory about the transfer of
RNA (for Northerns) from gels stained with ethidium bromide. Although
several of the lab books (e.g. Maniatis/Sambrook) recommend against it, no
one seems to know why there is an effect, how severe the effect is,
whether the transfer membrane is a factor, or whether it is dependent on
the type of gel system (i.e. formaldehyde versus glyoxal). I would be
interested in any information or recommendations and in what experiences
other labs have had with the effect of ethidium staining on transfer of
RNA from agarose gels. Is there another stain which would allow staining
of the RNA with no effect on transfer.

Thanks, Keith

Keith G. Weinstock
The Institute for Genomic Research
kgweinst at

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