HELP Making antibodies against small molecules

Weiting Ni nixxx003 at
Tue Jun 13 20:55:01 EST 1995

   Sorry, I forgot subject line in my last post. Following is my 
original message, thank you for any help.

   We intend to generate polyclonal antibodies against 
ferulate-carbohydrate complex, more specifically against ester 
between ferulic acid and the carbohydrate.  We can synthesize the 
complex in test tube and then we would like to attach the complex 
to a 
carrier protein.  My question is which carrier protein is best 
suitable for that kind of experiment (is BSA good enough?) and 
second question is that how many complex molecules should be 
attached to one carrier protein?  I appreciate all the help and 

Weiting Ni, Ph.D.
Univ. of Minnesota
(612) 6257005

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