Non-radioactive CAT assays

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Tue Jun 13 13:25:54 EST 1995

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> I use the CAT ELISA kit from Boehringer  which in the UK gives 200 tests 
> for #162.40 - this seems expensive, but the reagents to run the radioactive 
> assay are even more so, and the EIA is quick and easy, especially if your 
> lab runs other EIAs (I have no affiliation to Boehringer in any way,
> shape or form!!)
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> Ian M. Clark
> Rheumatology Research Unit,
> Addenbrooke's Hospital,
> Cambridge. UK.

This sounds very cheap compared to 14-C Chloramphenicol, TLC plates etc.
and even if it were 5x more expensive, I would prefer it to spotting TLC
plates. How do you do the experiment though? Do you just spin and lyse your
cells in 96 well plates? Do you normalize for protein in any way?

Batu Erman
Biology Dept.
Brandeis Univ. 
Waltham MA 02154

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