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Tue Jun 13 13:43:04 EST 1995

>Does anyone know of a good reference for RNase protection assay to measure the
>amount of RNA in 
>from an in vitro transcription assay? Can this readily be done by making a
>riboprobe (off a T7 
>promoter) and labeling with 35SUTP (or another rNTP) or do I need to use 32P?
>Also, I am 
>planning to label RNA with 32P off a linearized plasmid with my promoter of
>interest but am 
>open to alterantives. I am just starting in vitro transcription so any help
>would be most 
>Thank you.
>Eric Hanson

It depends on what you wish to use your RNA for. In our lab, we simply spike
the transcription reaction with 3H-UTP, then measure the amount of incorporated
3H, and calculate the yield of RNA, with good quantitative results.

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