ethidium bromide

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>From: jane McConnell <102153.1727 at CompuServe.COM>
>Subject: ethidium bromide
>Date: 7 Jun 1995 20:23:12 GMT

>I am trying to find a product that can extract ethidium bromide from 
>liquids (ie gel running buffers). I think I remember seeing a 
>flyer that advertised a bag that could process such waste, and perhaps a 
>filter that can be used. Does anyone have any idea who 
>makes such products and do they have any contact numbers.
>If you do could you please email any answers to me at 
>jmcconn at (Harvard are too cheap to 
>provide internet access for their researchers!)
>thanks Jane

In my opinion you just create another problem: how to get rid of the collected 
EtBr (I guess that you do not intend to reuse it!).
Down the drain is safe and clean since nature will rapidly destroy it for you.
To answer your Q.: Sambrook has a chapter on it.


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