Raising anti-peptide antibodies (a question)

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> We are discussing, in our lab, our plans for raising addition anti-peptide
> antibodies against regions of the thromboxane A2 reeceptor.  We've already
> question: "Can we immunize a single rabbit with a mixture of all three 
> (KLH-conjugated) peptides?"  
> We do question, however, whether or not a rabbit will produce all three
> antibodies, and whether or not there will be a problem since the antigens
> will be relatively similary (KLH +/- a particular 10-12 residue sequence).
I sure hope this approach works!
I have just decided to use two KLH conjugated 13 res. peptides to immunise
a single rabbit. After lots of discussion in our lab, the consensus was it
OUGHT to work, though I haven't heard of other labs using this approach. 
I'll know in a month or two.....

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