DNA prep protocol vs. Phenolics/carbo problems..?

Tim Chipman tchipman at is.dal.ca
Wed Jun 14 10:13:59 EST 1995

I'm about to embark on another attempted total DNA isolation from
prothalli of the fern, Ceratopteris richardii. Thus far, I've attempted
the following (broad) methods.

(1) Hot CTAB/Liquid N2, Phenol extractions... (2) Buffered 
Phenol, Organic extractions...

In all attempts of these methods, color of the pellet seemed to indicate 
that phenolics were running rampant and probably facilitating the process 
of rotten DNA yield. In all cases, there also appeared to be some 
interesting carbohydrates which co-purified with the DNA.

If you've got any cunning suggestions, references of interest, or 
whatever, please send me a brief note at: Tchipman at is.dal.ca

Thanks very much!

Tim Chipman

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