expression in Ecoli

paolo de marco lsraj at
Thu Jun 15 13:10:53 EST 1995

hi everybody !!

A little problem : we are trying to express a protein in E.coli using T7
polymerase and T7 promoter; the problem is the following: we want to clone
the DNA fragment into a multi-cloning-site within lacZ' and the strain we
have for expression has T7 polymerase inducible by IPTG: but adding IPTG
to the system would start transcription from Plac at the same time as from
T7 promoter (the two are in opposite directions), and this could create

   Does anybody out there know of a strain in which T7Pol is under the
control of another inducer or is heat-inducible ??
This would solve our question.
Please mail me back at   po at

thanks all of you out there

bye                        paolo

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