Sticky Sequencing gel

Ethan Strauss IO00865 at MAINE.MAINE.EDU
Wed Jun 14 21:06:10 EST 1995

I have just run a sequencing gel using Hydrolink rather than regular
acrylamide. I have done this a number of time before without any
trouble (although not recently). After drying the gel still seemed sticky
so I put it back under the dryer and went and had dinner. After I got back the
gel was still sticky! It has been dried for about 5 hours with heat for
about 3 hours! The heater on the dryer may be busted so I think it was not
getting up to 80C. It seemed more like 45C, but I figured that 3 hrs should
be plenty. I tried putting film to the gel anyway (this is an 35S gel so
I took the saran wrap off, do I HAVE to do this to get a signal???), but
pieces of the gel immediatly stuck to the film. I now have the gel
(with a few minor rips) under saran wrap again. What should I do?????
Can I expose the sticky gel to the film and then wash the gel
stuck to the film off before developing?
A few notes: It is fairly humid here. I did not fix the gel.
Any help would be appreciated....

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