nail polish copies of plant leafs` epidermis

Michael Bausher mbausher at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV
Thu Jun 15 14:14:03 EST 1995


I found it--- here is the reference , G. Horanic and F.E. Gardner.1967 "An 
improved method of making epidermal imprints" , Bot Gaz. 128(2): 144-150.

If you can't get this reference send my your mailing address (or FAX) and 
I will send it to you.



On 13 Jun 1995, Patricia wrote:

> Hello Everybody,
> I am looking for a protocol how to efficiently copy plant leaf`s
> epidermis with nail polish (or anything else useful). The plants should
> not be harmed by this method,  and it should be able to store the
> copies for some time.
> Hope somebody can give me good advice...
> Patricia Wolff
> MPI fuer Zuechtungsforschung koeln
> E-mail: pwolff at

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