Single-stranded DNA prep reference?

Masami Yoshimura yoshimum at
Fri Jun 16 12:14:45 EST 1995

On Thu, 15 Jun 1995, Josh Goldstein wrote:

>    Jupin and Gronenborn, 1995.  Abundant, easy and reproducible production
> of ssDNA from phagemids using helper phage-infected competent cells. 
> Nucleic Acids Research, 23:3, pp.535-536
>    You know, I tried this myself and it didn't work. They used the
> hexamminecobalt chloride method of preparing competent cells, while I used
> CaCl, so maybe that was the problem.  Let me know if it works for you.
> Josh Goldstein
> josh at
I read this paper and thought that it was a neat idea.  However, the 
photo they showed in Fig. 1 made me wonder.  In my hand and references I 
know, circular ssDNA migrates faster than corresponding super-coiled 
dsDNA.  The bands in the Fig look too big.  Are they something else?  
Please correct me, if I am wrong.  Masami.

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