DEPC treatment of buffers

Fri Jun 16 12:20:02 EST 1995

>I know you can't DEPC-treat Tris buffers, but does anyone know if there are
>common buffers that you can treat? (eg MOPS, HEPES in particular).  Or is
>always best just to make them up with DEPC-treated autoclaved water?
>Any advice greatly appreciated,

Neil Saunders.

:nsaunders at

:best advice: do not use DEPC at all.
:If you do not use tap water and include placental
:ribonuclease inhibitor RNA must survive.
:It is very difficult to inactivate 100% of DEPC.


>Whoa!  Not true!  Placental RNAse inhibitor DOES NOT work against all

Dear Brian,
I did not claim that it works against everything...

> just read the spec sheet, it even includes RNases that it is known
>to NOT work against.

Instead of reading these sheets  I (like many other researchers)
have trown away DEPC and never had a chance to regret this.
If you purify/handle your RNA properly where these RNAses would come
from? I even do not use gloves when dealing with RNA.



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