non-EMS mutagenesis

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Thu Jun 15 19:26:29 EST 1995

On 15 Jun 1995, Garth I. Patterson wrote:

> I am interested in performing a mutagenesis with something that will give a 
> different spectrum of changes from EMS, which gives primarily G-C to A-T
> transitions, at least in C. elegans (my favorite beast).  I want single
> base pair changes, rather than deletions or frame shifts.  As usual, I
> will post a
> summary of comments/suggestions.
> Garth Patterson


Most of the mutangens give GC to AT transitions, but the base analog 
2-aminopurine should give GC to AT and AT to GC as well.

Benzo[a]pyrene diolepoxide is a very dangerous one and difficult to
obtain, but can make GC to TA transversions. 4-nitro-quinoline-1-oxide 
mainly gives GC to AT, but some GC to TA too.

Those mutations are in E. coli, I don't know how they will work in your 

I hope this helps.


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