Labeling Petri Dishes

C. S. Prakash Prakash at ACD.TUSK.EDU
Fri Jun 16 10:06:39 EST 1995

Gary Cherbet wrote:

>                      Labeling Petri Dishes                        6/15/95
We use the product to label petri dishes with a label
>containing the name of the medium with up to four alphabetical and four
>numerical characters as well as the date the medium was made. Recommendations
>on a comparable product and manufacturer would also be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks much.

We employ the labelling system used in supermarkets to price their products
and it works very well. You just set the label data and shoot on the
plates! We employ the Monarch Sure Price II model GL-1165-2 that you can
get from Monarch Co, 1-800-543-6650 for $152.  It has two lines one for
numbers and the other for alphabets (ensure that it is customised this way;
exra $10.00).  You can also order labels from them. The labels do not come
off very easy and on reusable plasticware, first use a time label and place
the monarch label on it.   The only down side of it was that I had a choice
of only 24 alphabets and I asked them to drop out Y and Z, and then my
student Mr. Zhan Yau was visibly upset!

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