size of rat B-actin mRNA

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> Can anyone tell me what the size of rat B-actin mRNA is? Or perhaps 
> someone can direct me to some literature that answers this question. I am 
> using a large (2 kb) human probe for B-actin from Clontech to quantitate 
> or normalize the amount of mRNA loaded into each lane of an agarose gel. 
> It is hybridizing well but I am getting two bands. One is about 2 kb. the 
> other is about 1.5 kb. I am curious as to which of these bands is the rat 
> B-actin. Does anyone have an idea what the second band may be? Another 
> species of B-actin or a related protein that has similarity to sequences 
> in the human probe? Thank you for any comments you may have. 
> 				Lana Stallard

Hi there.....

What tissue are you looking at? Muscle (incl. heart) conatins two messages
for the sizes you you are probably of your bands are probably messages for b-actin....

Hilary Srere

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