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In article <3rerft$h17 at>, Denni Schnapp <ds4 at> writes:
> Dear Netters, In the last issue of BioTechniques I came across a
> reference to a paper in an earlier edition about drying PAGE gels
> under acetone. According to the authors this causes some shrinkage
> with sharper bands as a result than those obtained by drying in
> vacuum. I would be interested in the protocol but do not have 
> access to earlier editions of BioTechniques. Does anybody have 
> experience with this method?
> Thanks,
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I tried this a couple of times, though as I have not really had any 
trouble in drying gels I did not endeavour to work it out well. 
I just dumped the destained (comassied blue) gel in acetone (100%) and 
left it for a few hours or so, by which time it had shrunk considerably, and 
gone white, (the authors in the mentioned paper put this down to the ppt. of 
SDS) and although still maybe 0,5 mm thick (original thickness about 1.5)
pretty much dry by this time. Note that I once left the gel in acetone 
overnight which resulted in the gel shrivelling up and becoming pretty 
fragile. (leaving for a few hours resulted in a very strong gel. )
Should I guess, note that my gels are quite special in that they tend to 
expand to about twice the original size in the destaining, and they are 
the only ones which dont seem to crack in our departmental gel dryer. 
-- also dont know if I followed the suggested protocol, as I had only 
glanced at it. If any thing I guess that you could predry your gels in 
acetone, before airdrying, from my experience, I wouldnt try to dry them 
completely in this manner. 

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