ethidium staining of RNA gels

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>We have had several discussions in our laboratory about the transfer of
>RNA (for Northerns) from gels stained with ethidium bromide. Although
>several of the lab books (e.g. Maniatis/Sambrook) recommend against it, no


>RNA from agarose gels. Is there another stain which would allow staining
>of the RNA with no effect on transfer.
>Thanks, Keith
>Keith G. Weinstock
>The Institute for Genomic Research
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Is it essential to stain *in* the gel? Maniatis/Sambrook also gives a method for staining the membrane *after* 
transfer, with methylene blue. The stained membrane can be photographed or photocopied, then destained. I 
haven't done a Northern in a long time, but used to use that technique with good results.

Mike Anson
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