DEPC treatment of buffers

Mayumi Yagi myagi at
Mon Jun 19 15:32:56 EST 1995

My experience with MOPS buffer is that it eventually turns yellow, 
regardless of whether you autoclave it or not.  It just goes faster if 
you autoclave it.  I've also not seen a lot of differences between using 
freshly made (clear/v. pale yellow) and older (gold) MOPS, at least in 

On 19 Jun 1995, Daniel Solaiman wrote:

> >As far as MOPS buffers, don't repeat my mistake.  Yes, you can DEPC-treat
> >MOPS, but when you autoclave it, it breaks down and turns that evil yellow
> >color that indicates it has gone bad.  Therefore, make MOPS up with DEPC-
> >water but do not autoclave it.
> I recall reading somewhere that MOPS turns golden-yellow color when autoclaved
> -- regardless of prior direct treatment with DEPC or not.  Anybody has any
> comments?  I myself directly treat 10xMOPS with DEPC followed by autoclaving. 
> Both rRNA bands and RNA size-markers appeared intact in gel visualized by EtBr
> staining.

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