DEPC treatment of buffers

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>Instead of reading these sheets  I (like many other researchers)
>have trown away DEPC and never had a chance to regret this.
>If you purify/handle your RNA properly where these RNAses would come
>from? I even do not use gloves when dealing with RNA.

I completely agree with Andrei. Having worked with RNA-related projetcs
for the last ten years, I have never used DEPC-treated solutions and only
very seldom experienced degradation problems. It is far more important to
practice good laboratory routines, such as avoiding touching insides of
tubes and multiple and lenghty thawings of RNA samples. Nor do I have a
separate set of chemicals for "RNA use".

(BTW, DEPC is a nuisance both for your health and your wallet.)

The question about RNase inhibitors is a different matter. However it
would be interesting to know what peoples' experiences are with such
inhibitors from varoius suppliers. Which is the most veratile and 'worthy'
RNase inhibitor ?


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