Problem with phenol

minghoi wu mw at
Mon Jun 19 17:52:50 EST 1995

: Hiranya Roychowdhury (hroychow at NMSU.EDU) wrote:
: : On Fri, 16 Jun 1995, Ramachandran wrote:
: : The type of phenol that one uses in the lab is very much dictated by 
: : economics. If the lab has ample money, you could simply buy the purest 
: : form of re-distilled compound from one of the major suppliers. If not, 
: : then you could buy the not-so-pure chemical and distill it yourself in 
: : the lab. We did it once a year in my PhD lab. It was not fun. 

Can you tell me the steps to redistill phenol coz the only phenol 
I have is that "not so pure" one from Sigma (crystal form). I called
Sigma theother day, all they said was it has to be heated up to 160
degree but they don't have the exact procedure on their computer.

Either the protocol or literature would be helpful. Thanks!

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