Help DIG-RNA (RNase protection assay)

Tracy Aquilla aquilla at
Thu Jun 22 06:44:45 EST 1995

In Article <3s62ea$n05 at>, Eric Hanson
<hansone at> wrote:
>Back again looking for advise on using DIG-labeled RNA for RNase protection
assay. Why do I not 
>see many references for applying DIG-RNA to RNase protection assays? Does
anyone have a 
>reference(s)? Perhaps I fail to see some basic flaw in using DIG for this
method. Any and all 
>comments welcome at my email address.
>Eric Hanson
>hansone at

There IS a flaw in this method. How will you visualize the bands in the gel
after running the assay? I think you will either need to transfer the gel to
a membrane to stain it, or stain the gel directly somehow. Actually, Ambion
has recently developed a non-radioactive RPA system using biotin-labelled
probes (called the Bright Star system, I think?). You might give them a call
to inquire about it. Ambion makes many innovative products for RNA analysis,
some of which I use on a routine basis. I have no affiliation with the
company, but I am a very satisfied customer.

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