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> I too thought I saw a post re. an alternative name for Zeocin.  I 
> believe it was called Bleomycin.
   According to Invitrogen, Zeocin belongs to a family of structurally related
bleomycin/phleomycin-type antibiotics.  Zeocin is not as toxic as bleomycin on
fungi.  Its mechanism of action is thought to be the same as bleomycin and
phleomycin.  It is however, not active at salt concentrations higher than 90 mM
and is not particularly active at slightly alkaline or acidic pHs.  While the
manual says that it "is like phleomycin", in the product safety data sheet it
is called phleomycin.  They refer you to a review by Berdy in the 1980 Handbook
of Antibiotic Compounds for further information.  You might also want to look
at one of the original articles using this as a selectable marker (NAR 18:
4009, 1990) for more information regarding whether straight phleomycin can be

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