Thermocycler Donation Wanted

martin LEACH leach at
Sat Jun 24 21:28:45 EST 1995

Just use 3 heat blocks and a trained undergrad.....they can perform PCR with
this setup...nearly as well as Stratagene's Robocycler...

An undergrad is probably much cheaper than the Robocycler...and you don't have
to get the undergrad licensed to use PCR...well maybe you do....otherwise
Hoffman-LaRoche might sue the undergrad for Patent infringement....

Maybe the guy in egypt could patent the undergrad performing the task and then
sue everybody doing it this way...then he could make the funds to buy a
licensed machine.....

a stroke of genius!!!

Mullis eat your heart out....

a very tired 
Martin Leach

mmccorm at wrote:
: A fellow molecular biologist in Egypt is in desperate need of a
: thermocycler for use in his laboratory at the University of Alexandria and
: has been unable to solicit funds through agencies of the Egyptian
: Government. If anyone has a thermocycler they could possibly donate,
: please E-mail me at
: mmccorm at 

: Thanks.

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