pET Vector Sequence?

zappa at gates.hell zappa at gates.hell
Sat Jun 24 18:27:54 EST 1995

In article <3si4tk$r18 at senator-bedfellow.MIT.EDU>, Stephen Bell
<spbell at> wrote:

> Does anyone know where the sequence for any of the pET vectors 
> (preferably pET25a, b, or c) can be downloaded from.  I can't find them 
> in GenBank or the Vector databases.  Alternatively, does anyone have the 
> sequence of any of these vectors that they could send to me?  Any one  
> would be fine as I think I could construct the others if I had the 
> backbone to start with.  
> Thanx

The sequences of vectors from pET 3 forward can be downloaded from the www at

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