Library problem

Jiasui Zhan j0z1480 at
Sat Jun 24 13:11:55 EST 1995

I have a problem with construction of a genomic DNA library.  I
constructed a genomic library in pUC18.  I plated my library out on LB
plates with amp/X-gal/IPTG.  I got about 200 white colonies, this looked
good enough for my purposes.  That same day I picked 40 of the white
colonies onto another LB plate with amp/X-gal/IPTG and I also picked one
blue colony as a control.  To my surprise the next day non of the white 
colonies grew but the blue colony grew fine.  I have no idea what happened
and what to do next.  Could someone Please Please help me!!!!   I would
gratefully appreciate any help.  Thank you very much.
Rodney Earl Pettway

Jiasui Zhan
Dep. of Plant Pathology & Microbiology
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX77843

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