Boomerang DNA Amplification - from the inventor

Kevin Ahern ahernk at
Mon Jun 26 17:58:14 EST 1995

I recently learned of a discussion on this group concerning the
Boomerang DNA Amplification (BDA) process that I invented.  Since there
is a great deal of misunderstanding and interest concerning my process,
I'd like to clarify a few points here.

1.  BDA is a process for thermocyclic amplification of DNA sequences
using a single primer.  This has caused some people (not me) to compare
it to PCR.  Further, some people are calling it Boomerang PCR, which is
not correct.  I believe it is fundamentally different from PCR.

2.  There is no Australian connection to BDA.  I live in Corvallis, OR.
 The name came from my wife who recognized that the DNA polymerase
comes back to where it started from like a boomerang.

3.  I received notice of allowance from the U.S. Patent Office this
spring that my patent was ready for filing.  Oregon State University
will be handling the filing fee and licensing.  Contact Mr. William
Hostetler, Director of Technology Transfer at OSU for more information.

4.  The method has not been published (yet).  There is a long story why
that I will not go into here, but will gladly detail to anyone
interested.  There have been a couple of notices in Genetic Engineering

5.  I am happy to share a diagram of the process to anyone interested. 
I can e-mail a PICT file or other format if desired.  If that is not an
option, I can fax the diagram if you will send me the number to fax it

6.  Please refer technical questions and requests for diagrams to:

ahernk at

Please direct questions about licensing to Mr. William Hostetler as
indicated above.  Thanks for your interest.

Kevin Ahern

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