Tropix Gus-light kit

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Tue Jun 27 14:14:26 EST 1995

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Wei) wrote:

> Hi, dear netters:
>           Just want to know if anyone have experience with Tropix 
> Gus-light kit? Is it as good as advertised? 
>           I am trying to bombard some plant leaves with Gus contructs, so 
> I am worried about the low Gus activity I will get, so I want to try to use
> this new kit instead of the fluorescence method.
>           It seems important to include a Luciferase control when you do 
> qutitantive assay, so do you think if it is a good idea to use this new 
> kit to measure the Gus activity since the it is compatible to Luciferase 
> assay? Also can anyone tell me if  where I can get a 35S+luciferase 
> contruct which can be used in plant gene transformation? 
>           Thanks for any response!!!
>                                             Jianzhong wei

can you say, "misplaced post?"

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