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> >You know when you are checking incorporation of hot nukes into a cDNA, 
> >and you do a TCA precipitation and wash on little round Whatman fiber 
> >discs?  I need to find a company that sells the vacuum attachment that 
> >holds the Whatman discs while you wash them  -- I recall it being a 
> >polished metal, cylinder-shaped manifold type thing in two parts, that 
> >sandwich the disc; you fit it into a rubber stopper and use a ported 
> >Erlenmeyer as a catch basin for the flow-through.
> >
> We use a set-up that is made by Millipore.  Ours consists of a lower 
> glass piece that fits into a stopper in the side-arm Erlenmeyer, a metal 
> ring/screen that the filter goes on, and an upper glass chamber that you 
> can pipette in the sample. 
> Colin

Your "polished metal, cylinder-shaped maifold type thing in two parts" can
be purchased from Hoeffer.  They come in two sizes, one for 24 mm and
another for 25 mm filters (cat #s FH 124 and FH 125).

Jeffrey K. Harrison, Ph.D.
University of Florida

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