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Peter Myler <mylerpj at u.washington.edu> wrote:
> We have had similar experiences here.  Primers with a lot of extra 5' 
> sequence generally do not make the best sequencing primers.  I would 
> suggest making new sequencing primers (they are very inexpensive, 
> nowadays), if more than 5-6 bp don't match at the 5' end.


thanks for the help.  something that i decided to try was to increase the
concentration of primers to make up for the fact that only 2/3 of the
primer was actually binding to the template.  it worked on the shorter of
the two primers but not the longer one.  unforturnately i will have a
tough time talking this lab into buying new primers, regardless of cost. 
they actually wanted to try sequencing this template with a 50-mer primer
that had a 15bp overhang.  oh well.


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