Gel printer/photodoc system

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>Subject: Gel printer/photodoc system
>From: Gabriel Romero, ez008413 at
>Date: 27 Jun 1995 00:44:31 GMT
>>Can anyone recommend a good system that captures gel and autorad images, 
>and stores them as computer files amenable for further image analysis?
>Where should I search for this kind of equipment?
>Thanks for any help.
You can check out Ultra LumFP 500, FP1000 and PHD 2000 systems. Ultra Lum
(310)324-2247. We recently ordered an FP 1000 and should receive it this
week. The features are similar and the cost is a lot more reasonable than
competitor products from Stratagene, Signal Analytics Corporation
(703)281-3277, Fotodyne (800)362-4657, UVP (800)-452-6788,
Instrumentation Development Incorporated (203)323-2130.
Good luck
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