Advice on buying an automated DNA sequencer

David T. Croke dtcroke at
Wed Jun 28 16:04:57 EST 1995


I wonder if anyone can give me some information on the new 2nd generation
(i.e. lower priced) automated fluorescent DNA sequencers which have just
recently come on the market.

I will be able to purchase in October '95 and currently two such
instruments are available on the Irish market:
(i) the ALFexpress from Pharmacia & (ii) a new instrument from ABI (whose
model No. I can't remember) which is based on capillary electrophoresis. 
All I can get at the moment is the usual sales pitch from the company
reps. I would be very grateful for comments/information from people who
have bought/are currently using either of these instruments.

Please e-mail any replies directly to me at dtcroke at (or at
dtcroke at!

Many thanks,

David Croke.

Molecular Biology Laboratory, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland,
St. Stephen's Green, Dublin 2, Ireland.

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