DNA purification from agarose gels

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Wed Jun 28 02:05:28 EST 1995

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In response to your search for a method to isolate DNA from agarose
gels, I use a technique that is developed "in-house" but works like a 
charm and gives excellent yields.

The band to be isolated is cut out of the gel and re-inserted into a 
well which is created in another section of the same gel that is absolutely
free of DNA.  This well is previously lined with dialysis tubing and filled 
with running buffer after inserting the gel piece (with the band of interest).

Then you simply run the gel and the DNA band runs out of the gel piece into
the running buffer which is later collected.  The DNA is then simply 
precipitated using 1/10 v/v NaAc (pH 5.2) and 2-3 v/v ethanol (99%. cold).
For more details, you can email me at ksayani at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca


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