Help: BIORAD Phosphor Imager

Tracy Aquilla aquilla at
Tue Jun 27 14:14:06 EST 1995

In Article <1995Jun23.185832 at>,
wegloehner at wrote:
>hi out there in the net 
>has anyone tried the Phosporimager from BIORAD (GS-250 Molecular Imager). We
>just about enough money to buy it (but not enough for the Molecular Dynamics
>machine). Is the BIORAD machine worth the money?

I have been using the BioRad imager (GS-250) for a couple of years now for
doing quantitative analysis of RNAs and I really like it. It's fast, easy to
use, and I haven't had any problems with ours. We will be getting an upgrade
to the latest model this year, thanks in part to the favorable response this
machine has received here. I'm not affiliated with BioRad, but I like their
imager a lot.

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