phenol/chlroform problems

Mike Anson Mike-Anson at
Wed Jun 28 12:03:25 EST 1995

In article <DAuE0F.AzF at>, baharvey at says...

>I cannot believe that no-one has considered the possibility 
>that the process of phenol/chloroform extraction may damage
>I'm interested in any comments, ideas or theories. 
>Someone must be able to contribute something. Any references ? 

Well, I know of one at least, off the top of my head:

   Claycamp HG

   Phenol sensitization of DNA to subsequent oxidative damage in
8-hydroxyguanine assays.

   Carcinogenesis.  13(7):1289-92, 1992 Jul.

I know there are others, but this one was the only one at hand ...


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