anti-c-myc antibodies

Jim Woodgett jwoodget at
Thu Jun 29 08:34:42 EST 1995

In article <3ssf2g$b06 at>, leach at (martin LEACH) writes:
> Try Santa Cruz Biochemicals (Biotech?) 
> their email, phone, fax, etc... can be found at 
> > Ms. Cynthia Bolognese; (BIOL; GRAD) (bolognes at wrote: : 
> > I'm looking for a good supplier of anti-c-myc antibodies. Please 
> > email your : suggestion. Thanks in advance! 

There again, if you want some antibodies that work.....

Try Gerard Evan at ICRF in London, UK or look for PAN-Myc antibodies which are 
sold by a wide variety of companies.  My experiences with Santa Cruz 
antibodies haven't been good but, then again, many commercial antibody 
suppliers leave a lot to be desired.

Jim Woodgett


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